June 21, 2009

Taiwan best trip: Sounds of Taiwan

Before I completely ditch this blog for my new Tumblr blog. I've entered a comp and need your views, ratings, comments and share it around. Why? Well, help a fellow blogger who desperately needs a holiday! :)
Direct link: http://tiny.cc/watchvideo

May 02, 2009

Tumblr test run

I'm a sucker for anything that remotely fits into the web 2.0 sphere. Thus, it's no surprise that I've jumped on the Tumblr bandwagon.

I first saw Tumblr on my iPhone whilst I was searching for a Blogger app. I casually rolled my eyes thinking it wouldn't really take off. But after my geeky peeps urged me to take a second look, Tumblr's slickness and its simplicity, made me jump on the bandwagon.

So what is Tumblr? Well, in a nutshell it's another blogging tool with a community feel to it. Its focus is on making it easier to post on the go and takes the frustration out of attaching multimedia to your post. It's not as complicated as the current blogging tools such as Blogger and Wordpress and allows more flexibility than Twitter.

I'll be giving it a test run the next two weeks to see how it goes.

Find me here: yiie.tumblr.com

April 28, 2009

Agedashi tofu - traditional Japanese recipe

[Will edit later, but here's a recipe I got off someone]

1. Get some tofu. Make sure its "silky" tofu (tastes better)

2. Place the tofu on a plate and let it sit for a couple of hours to let some of the moisture evaporate off (if you have the time - if you dont put a plate on top of the tofu to kind of squeeze the excess moisture out- but be careful , the tofu is delicate and breaks easy)

3. Cut the tofu into bite size pieces and sprinkle potato starch over the pieces - you need to cover all sides of the tofu. If you dont like potato starch you can use something else like rice flour or wheat flour but the texture of the potato starch is the best (its sticky).

4. Put canola oil (do not use any other kind of oil) in a pan/pot and heat it up till its around 180 degrees. If you cant tell from looking at the oil how hot it is then i recommend this little trick - get a small bit of tofu and drop it in the oil - if it sinks to the bottom and then immediately floats back to the surface you are cooking at the right temp. Once you are at the right temp then add tofu pieces (enough to fill up your pan/pot... prob 4 or 5 pieces)

5. Occasionally turn the tofu pieces

6. When you touch the batter covering the tofu, if it feels a bit crispy and it doesnt change colour then its done... scoop the piece out.

7. Place pieces on some paper to absorb the oil. transfer to a bowl

8. Pour tempura stock over the tofu - get tempura stock from an Asian supermarket. Garnish with bonito flakes and a bit of finely chopped ginger and spring onions.

April 23, 2009

Deviantart vs Flickr - artist wannabe

Recently I've come out of the photography closet and sharing some of my photos to the public. I love the online support available, especially Deviantart and Flickr. So which one is better for a budding photographer in the making?

I have subscription accounts to both and each one has its ups and downs.


- Dedicated to photography
- Can join different groups until your heart's content. Can't find the obscure group you want? It's easy to create your own!
- Easy to organise your photos into groups and sets.
- Easy to use and can upload multi photos at a time.

- More amateurs and family photos.
- Artist profile page is pretty bland.


- Definitely more of an artist community feel to it. From pure amateur beginners to top notch professionals.
- Able to sell your art as prints and misc novelty items.
- Every artist has his/her own profile page where it can be customised.
- Not just limited to photography.

- Need to upload images one at a time.
- Can't organise photos into different folders.
- Can be a bit overwhelming as it's not as straight forward.

April 15, 2009

I'm a pro now...says Flickr

Parting with some mini dosh, I've FINALLY upgraded to the Flickr Pro account. *rejoices as no one else is*


Read and weep for those still with "standard" Flickr accounts.